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Complications Which Can Arise After A Surgery

Our bones naturally become less strong with age. When such a time comes often a simple fall can create a lot of problems as it damages our body a lot. One of the most horrific experiences people have to go through is either shattering or damaging their pelvis beyond repair. Without a pelvis you cannot walk. Therefore, when such a situation arises your natural but now broken pelvis will be replaced by a metal one.

If you have to go for such a restoring surgery of the pelvis any responsible orthopaedic surgeon in Wantirna will first let you know the procedure which will be followed. He or she will also explain to you how long it will take for you to get fully healed. Sometimes there can be complications of this surgery. You will be informed of them as well. Following are some of such complications.  

Blood Clots

There is the possibility of blood clots occurring. However, your doctors are going to take every measure necessary to prevent such a thing from happening. For example, you will be given stockings and foot pumps to wear to increase the blood flow in your legs. At the same time, blood thinners will be given to stop blood clots from forming.

Having Two Different Lengths in the Legs

Any hip specialist will inform you though they try to do their best during the surgery most of the time there can be a slight difference in the lengths of the legs once the surgery is done. Because of the pelvis restoration that leg can become a little longer than the other leg.


Usually, even a superficial infection is something quite rare to happen after such a surgery. If there is such an infection you will be given antibiotics. The chances of an infection at a deeper level happening can be even more less. However, if such an infection does occur sometimes another surgery will have to be done to solve the situation and you will have to get more powerful antibiotics.


There is also the possibility of the new metal bone dislocating in the first few weeks after the surgery. This can be painful but the situation can be brought under control without going for open surgery again. There are ways to avoid such a thing from happening and you will be informed about them.

You will be informed about these things before a surgery to keep you informed. There are a lot of solutions if these kinds of situations arise. A good expert can take care of matters well.

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