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Because I Said So – Really?

The common notion is that the audience for romantic comedies is mostly female. Well this was proven undoubtedly true in the 2007 Universal Picture’s film “Because I said so”. With an extended cast including Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Stephen Collins and Gabriel Macht, to name a few, this movie centers around the relationship between Keaton and her Daughters, especially the youngest played by Moore.

The basic storyline is that Keaton is the mother of three girls, two of whom are married and successful professionals, the eldest being a psychiatrist in Sydney. However, she has some cause for worry in her youngest, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend. So Keaton concocts up the idea that she will find Moore her ideal partner and creates a dating profile online and vets all those interested personally- definition of helicopter mother. All this goes on without the knowledge of her daughter obviously, and in the course of her wacky plan, she finds the ideal man, Tom Everett Scott. While she hears wedding bells in her head, she does not notice the musician at the restaurant, Macht, who develops an interest in the daughter despite the shenanigans of the mother and manages to get Moore’s business information. The rest of the movie follows Moore as she makes up her mind between her (mother’s) ideal man and the unconventional one.

The movie gives special attention to the relationship between the mother and her daughters. She has a very “sMother” attitude with all the children but less so with eldest two but despite the eldest being a psychiatrist, the hold the mother has over them is typical for a helicopter mother attitude. However, it brings out the universal plot of the mother wanting what she thinks is best but in reality, the daughter’s choice is what is best. The overused saying “because I said so” is overused by mothers all over the world when they simply want their way. Here too the end result is something the mother will not see coming and the sub-plot of Keaton’s romance with Collins, gives a somewhat unexpected ending. 

The movie opened at number two during its release and earned over forty-two Million domestically. The critics were though very unfavorable towards the film and Keaton’s performance was not well received and went on to receive a nomination her for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress. Studio research too showed that majority of the audience was not only Caucasian but also females above the age of 35, proving the point that most Rom-coms will attract a mostly female crowd.

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