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Monthly Archive: November 2015

Healthy Body Avoiding Dangerous Ailments

In the rat race for wealth and prosperity millions ignore the health factor which is a sordid reality. Money tantalizes humans so much to the extent of self-negligence mainly through junk food habits caring scarcely about even the basics of safe consumption. The more abundant is of anything much less caution is taken as the saying goes, when quantity increases the quality diminishes. Hence, the world has to rethink and get back to certain fundamentals if to continue growing on a positive development. It is much easier given the enormous advances made in technology, knowledge, communication etc. Harnessing all these and redirecting into avenues of meaningful activity is a critical problem since, most people want things happen in a-twinkling-of-an-eye quickness. But such haste devolves damaging effects for long periods and on large segments which takes even longer time and cost to recover. In the process of aggravated endeavours taking a step or two backwards will benefit on the long run. One such closer look to pause is examining the water we simply take for granted as pure naturally divine source of life. This holds some truth as long water is not contaminated by other elements particularly when carelessly exploited. What we drink dominates our whole system of metabolism. Water is acidic and caustic but the balance has to be such that the pH value should be around 7 or so for a healthy body. Today, we cannot assure such a stable content given the routes this liquid takes before it reaches us. Consider the various channels it has to come through: river, lakes, pipes etc. All these are not pollution free for sure. In the process, the balance gets disturbed by measures. For this reason there is this alkaline water filter jug an indispensable device to keep the caustic level in water at the required proportion. Acidity and causticity are like the see-saw as one goes up to tilt the other down.However, it is not a fun play to take lightly as the result by one getting heavier could spell dangerous ailments. It is possible nevertheless to neutralize each other with some effort by choosing appropriately what we in-take. The imbalance is not only due to water but much other consumption as well either directly or indirectly. Yet, water that is supplied does contain one or the other in excess and needs balancing. An body acid neutralizer simply does that. Since many consumables are on the acidic level in the market, to balance the effect many go for the counter effective ionised water using this instrument. As a matter of fact, purifying water is a concept has guided people for ages but that is dealing with impurities in general. In this case it is the ionisation factor the core of mechanism. Optimal pH balance is optimal health.  In reality is counteracting the rise in causticity by changing the ORP i.e. Oxidation Reduction Potential of the water. For more info about alkaline water ionizer Australia, visit this website.

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